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NiteOwl Studio : Projects 2009-2014

In the Summer of 2009, after working for several years as a writer and Public Relations professional, I decided to change course and follow my passion for making images move on a screen. Initially, this journey began by learning how to code HTML, CSS and ActionScript. Then I discovered After Effects and learned how to make videos.

Eventually, this led me to a new world of 3D animation with Maya and Cinema 4D. Clients were sparse, but my interest never wavered. A decade has passed since I flipped my life upside down, but  I am still just as passionate as the day I animated my first moving image. A few years ago I moved to Canada for school and learned how to use the the high end 3D program Houdini.  I’m now a professional Fx artist specializing in creating destruction, smoke, fire and other natural phenomena for movies and TV.

These projects led me to where I am today.